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Conquer the Tech World with These Steps

No Computer Science Degree? No Problem!

land your dream tech job without a Computer Science degree

Dreaming of a job in tech but don’t have a Computer Science degree? 😱 Fear not! As a musical theatre graduate who now codes at a top NYC Adtech company, I’m living proof that you, too, can find financial stability and job success in the tech world! 🌟

Follow these steps to kickstart your tech career! 🏁

Discover Your Tech Niche

Designers, developers, data analysts, and more! Tech offers a plethora of career options, and not all require coding expertise. Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly!

Master the Hard Skills

Each job demands specific coding languages, software programs, and workflow essentials. The best part? You can learn these through bootcamps or self-paced resources, many of which are free!

Build a Stellar Portfolio

Your portfolio is your golden ticket 🎫 to getting hired. Showcase real-life examples of your work to demonstrate your skills, regardless of your academic background.

Supercharge Your Job Search Resources

A top-notch resume, powerful LinkedIn profile, and active participation in online career groups will keep you connected and help you make a lasting impression while pursuing your first job!


Embarking on a new career path might seem daunting, but with determination and the right steps, you can land your dream tech job without a Computer Science degree! So, gear up and conquer the tech world! 🎉

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