Kacey Creative - Front end web developer
Kacey Creative - Front end web developer

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The Blue Barn


The Blue Barn is a small business and locally owned retail boutique in northern Georgia, USA. While they are loved by their loyal shoppers, they wanted to reach a wider audience and build authority as a reliable business. They needed a website to showcase their products, guide new shoppers to their store, and promote their wholesome southern hospitality.

The Challenge

Having never had an online presence, they needed everything. From a website to professional photos, to a Google Business account to take advantage of Google Maps results. I needed to build them a simple website they could update as needed that clearly stated their name, location, contact info, products sold, and personaltiy of their store.

I designed and built a brand-new WordPress website using Divi. This site uses PHP, HTML3, CSS3, Flexbox, WordPress Plugins, and Photoshop.

The Process

Beginning with a consultation with the business ownwers, I proposed a site layout using wireframing and strategized how to accomplish their goals as sussinctly as possible.

Using Figma, I designed each page for optimal user experience. I consulted with their hired designer to find a cohesive brand and styling that matched their updated logos and storefront.

I used custom CSS and social integrations to highlight their products and Instagram presence on their website. This made it easy for potential customers to browse their products and find the latest updates on events and store hours.

Using Mailchimp, I integrated email marketing into the website through opt-in promos and set up drip campaigns to continue the sales funnel for each customer.

Using SEO and Google Business, I optimized the company for Google searches and promoted custmized their search results to engage new visitors.

The Results

This beautiful multipage website encompasses The Blue Barn’s brand, market, and target audience. With this website, their new and loyal customers can easily find the information they need for a successful shopping trip

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