Kacey Creative - Front end web developer
Kacey Creative - Front end web developer

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Retail Clarity


Retail Clarity is a full-service retail consulting company that offers both 1-on-1 coaching and data analytics software. They needed a brand new website that showcases their services, reflects their brand, and acts as a resource for Independent Retailers across North America.

The Challenge

Retail Clarity needed a new website to showcase their active blog, video content, coaching services, and data analytics software. The website needed to be clean and mobile-friendly.

I designed and built a brand-new WordPress website using Divi. This site uses PHP, HTML3, CSS3, Flexbox, WordPress Plugins, and Photoshop.

The Process

Beginning with a strategy and wireframing, I mapped out the site’s content into pages and navigation. This made it easy to know how many pages the site will need to accomplish its goals.

Using Figma, I designed each page for optimal user experience. I collaborated with professional content writers to perfect the website’s wording and made sure each page was clear and engaging.

I added Custom Post Types to make it easy for Retail Clarity to update their products and upcoming events. This was executed through custom PHP and Advanced Custom Fields plugins for ease and efficiency.

Using Mailchimp, I integrated email marketing into the website through opt-in promos and set up drip campaigns to continue the sales funnel for each client.

Using SEO and Google Analytics, I optimized the company for Google searches and tracked the page views worldwide.

The Results

This beautiful multipage website encompasses Retail Clarity’s brand, market, and target audience. With the new branding and optimization, Retail Clarity’s views by new users grew 63% within two months.